Easily add reliable aggregated token swaps to any product with the Totle API or Widget.

With Totle, gain reliable access to all popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) assets without integrating and maintaining the code for numerous DeFi services. Totle's Widget and API simplify the process of building deep liquidity for decentralized exchange at the best price into any product. To view Totle's source code visit the Totle Github page.

To access unlimited API calls, earn fees, and become a Totle Partner, sign-up for an API Key.

Copy and Paste Widget

Instantly add trading functionality to any web interface. Totle Widget allows your visitors to connect MetaMask and trade ETH and popular ERC-20s at the best pricing available.

This takes two minutes to integrate and only requires that you copy and paste a snippet of code into your HTML.


The Totle API offers developers a familiar way to integrate aggregated exchange functionality into a product. Execute swaps, send payments, retrieve pricing data on asset pairs, and query exchanges.

To explore API endpoints and become familiar with performing calls, try the API Explorer. This allows you to interact with the Totle API.

To view the Totle API endpoints and their parameters as well as learn about response parameters, error messages, and operational details, visit the API section.


Totle Inc. is not responsible for lost funds and is in no way giving investment advice.


If you need help or have some feedback for us, send us a message in the Totle Telegram.