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Fees are implemented as partner contracts.

A partner contract is created by calling the function registerPartner(address partnerBeneficiary, uint256 partnerPercentage) on the PartnerRegistry (currently on mainnet at 0xf3E5E76dabc9f4c479C258B4d7BB2F8250A8819C) where:

  • partnerBeneficiary is the address you want to receive the fees at
  • partnerPercentage is the percentage fee you want to take. partnerPercentage is out of 10^18 (i.e., 10% is 10^17 and 0.1% is 10^15 )

When registerPartner is called, the registry will emit a PartnerRegistered(address partnerContract) event (where partnerContract is the address of the contract you've created).

When you want to accrue fees, you will include partnerContract in your API request to the /swap or /pay endpoints:

    "apiKey": "",
    "partnerContract": "",
    "address": "0x5...7eF",
    "config": {
        "exchanges": {
            "list": [],
            "type": ""
        "transactions": bool,
        "fillNonce": bool,
        "skipBalanceChecks": bool
    "swap": {
        "sourceAsset": "",
        "destinationAsset": "",
        "sourceAmount": int, // send either sourceAmount OR destinationAmount, not both
        "minFillPercent": int,
        "maxMarketSlippagePercent": int,
        "maxExecutionSlippagePercent": int,
        "destinationAmount": int,
        "isOptional": bool

The encoded payload that is returned will include your partner contract. When the transaction is executed, the fee (in any ERC20) will be sent to your partner contract. Note that the ethValue in the returned payload includes any fees defined by the partner contract for all buy orders. For sell orders, the fee will be deducted from the ETH returned to the user's wallet.

To collect your fees, someone must call the payout() function on your partner contract. Anybody can call this, and it will payout the appropriate fees to the partnerBeneficiary and to Totle.

The API has a default partner contract with a partnerPercentage of 0 and a totlePercentage of 0.25% (which is used when one is not passed to the API). The fee calculations would then be as follows:

  • For direct token pairs where the sourceAsset is swapped for the destinationAsset (and not through any base pairs), the fee will be taken from the destinationAsset.
  • For orders where the sourceAsset is swapped for a base asset, then the base asset is swapped for the destinationAsset, the fee will be calculated from the base asset.

If you include your partner contract in your request, the fees will be split evenly with Totle (the minimum Totle will assess is 0.25%).

Developer Console

You can create Partner Fee Contracts in just a few steps using the Totle Developer Console. This allows you to receive commission whenever a signed payload is submitted to the TotlePrimary contract from your Partner Fee contract.

There are no limits on how many partner contracts you can deploy.

Transactions Display

The Developer Console only displays transactions where your MetaMask wallet is either the creater or beneficiary.

Create and Deploy Contracts

To create a new contract and deploy it, you'll need to provide:

  • A name for the contract
  • The fee (as a percentage) that you would like to charge per transactions
  • The wallet address to which you would like fees to be paid to

Once you have deployed your partner contract, you can include its contract address in your API calls using the partnerContract in the payload body to route fees for successful transactions to the contract.

You can claim the fees you earn at any time using the Developer Console.

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